Barney Frank Is Still an Online Gambling Advocate

Barney Frank Is Still an Online Gambling Advocate

What do you get when you a take a governmental representative who believed in the tax-and-spend big-government Democrats and turn them into someone who is championing the freedom of choice and objecting loudly to government set restrictions? Why, Barney Frank, of course.

Anyone who is familiar with the status of the online gambling initiative and ban in the United States knows the name, but for those who don’t, Barney Frank is one of the biggest voices fighting for online gambling. He has never agreed with the UIGEA of 2006 and has continually been a leader in having that act overturned. More and more people are supporting his effort to get the act banned itself and there are others in the government who are willing to co-sponsor a bill in Congress to do it.

For the uninitiated, the 2006 UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) states that financial institutions cannot fund or receive money from any online establishment that is related to an online casino, sports book, poker room, or other gambling business. Frank is a proponent to allow people to make the choice to gamble online on their own and face the consequences of their actions. He’s also a proponent of legalized marijuana.

Radical thinker? Not necessarily. Barney Frank’s politics is based on the idea that the citizens of the United States have the ‘right and freedom to choose their own paths’. This is one of the most fundamental building blocks of American society. Plus, many feel that it’s not right for the government to try and tell people what is and isn’t good for them, subsequently removing all decisions from the citizens hands.

Frank is also practical and a student of history. He understands that trying to enforce any form of prohibition is only going to make matters worse and people usually find a way around it. This tends to lead to corruption and a criminal element that will cost as much, if not more, money to contend with than legalized online gambling will. The war on drugs is probably the best example of how spending millions of dollars on prevention has done absolutely nothing.

Barney Frank’s fans are growing by leaps and bounds and anyone who supports free choice would do well to support this politician. Voters are encouraged to contact their state congressmen and senators to let them know just how important these issues really.